Tag: Shadar-Kai


  • Ophel

    The captain of the guard, who is a quick and stealthy man. He is grim and does not seem to like the party, but puts up with them since Rallis said so. He tried to attack the party, was captured, and then "committed suicide" by a pre-made ritual that …

  • Mearah

    The only other Shadar-Kai that made it through the attack on Emperor Rallis' ship, Thwin-wep. Twin brother of Ophel. He seems to keep to himself and is very quiet, while on the boat he seemed to play cards by himself a lot. After the death of his …

  • Kasimir Velikov

    This very old elf is one of the last of his kind in all of Barovia. He is now helping the party trapped in Barovia in finding a way to kill Strahd, in return, he asks for their help to save his dead sister by getting help in the Amber Temple.