Tag: Tiefling


  • Midia-Urartu Capital

    Once the capital of a Dragonborn nation called Midia, now the capital of the "Midia-Urartu Empire":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/erryes/wikis/midia-urartu

  • Longcoat

    Verankht Longcoat got away with the survivors at the end of their mission even though at first he began to betray the majority of the group and helped [[:stondylus | Stondylus]].

  • Princess Vasht

    This tiefling woman is married to the young dragonborn Prince Enos. Her father is Lord Abbadon. It turned out that Vasht and Enos used Sehanine's powers to create a false treaty with their fathers so they could marry each other. With the treaty gone …

  • Finethir Shinebright

    Arrogant, self-obsessed and filled with an inflated sense of his own ego, Finethir Shinebright is one of the worst people suited to be transformed into a sheep. Still, no matter his form the former elven wizard manages to exude an air of fussy, bookish …