Tag: Urartu


  • Meg

    An experienced mercenary hired with her group by the Midia-Urartu nation to find and capture Balasar. She was captured by the group and gave some info. but knew when not to talk about her group's whereabouts. She seems to know what to say and what not …

  • Longcoat

    Verankht Longcoat got away with the survivors at the end of their mission even though at first he began to betray the majority of the group and helped [[:stondylus | Stondylus]].

  • Princess Vasht

    This tiefling woman is married to the young dragonborn Prince Enos. Her father is Lord Abbadon. It turned out that Vasht and Enos used Sehanine's powers to create a false treaty with their fathers so they could marry each other. With the treaty gone …