Tag: Warforged


  • Leonus Anima

    *Appearance:* 18 year old, tall, broad-shouldered, long blond hair with a Vandyke goatee and piercing cobalt blue eyes. His strong baritone voice carries tactical direction and encouragement over the clash of battle. *Personality:* Leo acts …

  • Olaf

    Braivemor's first real sentient creation. All others up until then have just been constructs of sorts. He told Leo of the death of his father and helped him escape Geshur. He has been helping him since then. He died during the Animus Revolution in …

  • Number 129

    Number 129 was the last in line to be created by Braivemore who was in search of perfecting the warforged to resemble a human. After 129, there was Leo: Number 130.

  • Standard Bearer

    This warforged was found in the recesses of Razzle Frazz's theater. He once protected the great halls but once hard times came up a decade ago, he was put into stasis until he was awoken by the Inheritors. Once the theater is restored and the evil Dr. …