The whole world of Erryes is a bit of mystery as to how it was created. The only known information from scholars is that the world was created by the gods and for a moment in the beginning, the mortals and the gods walked as one on the world. But eventually the Tabula Rasa came about and all was forgotten.

Erryes is formed into two main continents: Kehynn and Ay-Belh. There is the unknown territory to the north in the Great Sea that is unapproachable because of it’s vast storms.

There is one moon, named after the god, Sehanine, and many star constellations that fill the night sky over Erryes.

The seasons are divided into Rise (spring, months 1-3), Work (summer, months 4-6), Collect (autumn, months 7-9), and Rest (winter, months 10-12). Another month is added though some feel that it is not a month but a time of chaos. Thus the month of Entropy was named. There are 364 days per year, 13 months per year (3 months for each season, along with Entropy after the months of Rest), 28 days per month, 4 weeks per month, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, 60 minutes per hour, 60 seconds per minute. The days are just named numerically (i.e. Sunday is the “first day of the week”).

A common date would be referred to as such – 3rd Work 23:1208. That translates to 6 month, 23rd day, year 1208.


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