Four Fables

Chapter 15: Rescue Attempt

9-3-10 session

Timespan: 3rd Rest 19:1208 to 3rd Rest 21:1208

After the long night in the blistering cold, Leo and Shintaro catch pneumonia. They needed bed rest quickly and they all went down into the valley towards the small village of Bochim.

It was early morning and some of the party noticed unusually large footprints going into the village that were coming from the woods. This was weird because the town is known to be an all human village.

Leo and Shintaro go and find the inn while the rest of the group goes to investigate the footprints. The party hears cries for help and hurry towards the noises. They find a villager’s hut had been broken into by an owlbear and ettin. The group finds one of the villager’s killed by the owlbear and the group disposes of it. But in the midst of combat they hear more cries for help coming from upstairs. They find a woman and her daughter, Lisa, who are about to be killed by the ettin. The party fights off the ettin but the giant grabs Lisa and threatens to kill her unless he can escape. He takes her and flees the village.

The woman, finding her dead husband downstairs and crying because her daughter had been kidnapped, begs the heroes to save Lisa. The party agrees and gets help from the rest of the villagers on information where the ettin went. They all agree that the ettin had taken her into the Serpent Woods. Some of the other villagers tell of how their village has always lived in this valley and won’t move even though they are not skilled enough to fight off the local monsters.

But they do tell of a traveling elf who is staying in the inn who might help. The group finds the inn and are told that Leo and Shintaro will be taken care of since they helped them in their time of need. They also came across Silvary. This elf agreed to help the group in exchange for 40 percent of the treasures and help to get across the Amber Sea. After agreeing he told the group they had the next few hours to stay there as the ettin had already eaten (he noticed this ettin before in his travels to Bochim) and won’t eat the little girl today.

The party rested and left with Silvary into the woods. They found the cave the ettin was staying at and ambushed him and his other owlbear he had. The group searched but couldn’t find the girl after killing the monsters. They found a bronze door with etchings on it along with cave paintings representing snake-like people and a depiction of the god Zehir.

They opened the door and traveled further into the cave. They found some snake monsters and a large construct Eidolon that was stationed to protect that cave. After vanquishing the guardians of the cave, the party found in a dark corner of the room the girl sleeping next to a glowing serpent-like staff. They awoke her and she said that she was protected by the staff and that “it was warm to sleep here. The monsters didn’t attack me!” The party knew that the staff was devoted to Zehir and took it so they could figure out what to do with it back in the village. The girl said she didn’t think that they should move it but went along with them anyway. At one point she even claimed that Zehir protected her but quickly shut her mouth to that, denying what she said.

The party exited the cave and began their journey back to the village. Silvary wanted the staff or the other magical item the group found if they wish to have his help any further. They did not agree and so he left them there in the woods as he traveled to the Amber Sea.



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