Four Fables

Chapter 49: Hard Decisions

10-7-13 session

Timespan: 2nd Work 5:1209

Once free of Asmodeus’ grips the heroes begin their investigation for the Looking Glass. After a hard fight, and many prayers to Pelor (in which he answered Gbaja when he fell into lava and had to get out), the group is victorious in finding the artifact and stopping the doppelgangers from killing their loved ones. But for their mirror images, Leo, Thorin, and Jayden had to redirect the power so that the doppelgangers would instead have to kill a different sentient creature on the Material Plane. Leo picked the Yuan-Ti head cleric of Zehir they faced long ago in Bochim. Jayden picked the undead elven king they recently met in the elven shrine since he just wanted to rest and be left alone. Thorin picked The Queen of Corsairs, feeling that a trial would just end with her being lynched regardless.

Asmodeus, upset that he lost the game banishes the heroes from his realm. The heroes find themselves returned safely to Resen at the Sundial Temple. The council of Pelor is there waiting for them: Gunnarr, Kyrynn, Nadalia, and the others who knew that the test was happening. They apologize for Asmodeus’ doing as that was not part of the test at all. But they are happy they are safe and wish to hear who should be the next Oracle from Gbaja. Gbaja gives full details of all the heroes being candidates. Leo, Jayden, and Thorin were his top three but he eventually narrowed it down to being Leonus Anima and made his decision with the warforged. The council, who were pleased with Gbaja’s decision look at one another. Gunnarr says, “It’s obvious we need to make sure the next Oracle can make tough decisions that is why we feel you have passed the test…Gbaja. It takes a level headed man to make such hard decisions and the Oracle will need to make such decisions. Will you take on the role as Oracle for Pelor?” Gbaja, stunned, by the sudden turn of events is first concerned with his orc brethren, who he is assured by the council they should be fine without him (the second test was also a test to see if his orc nation would be fine on their own, which it showed they would). Gbaja accepts humbly and a great celebration and ceremony is made that day for the new Oracle.

The heroes are glad to be a part of the celebration, but it is short lived as Shintaro tells the rest of the group that Delad is awake but doesn’t recognize any of them. They come to find that he has amnesia, thinking to be a 15 year old elf in a 40 year old body. The last thing he remembers is studying with Master Ryosuke in his private study. It seems the Time Transcendence method has started to affect Delad in his mind leaving him in a younger state though his body is still intact in it’s present time.

The group gives as much time for Delad to understand what has happened but it seems the young minded elf doesn’t care too much. He follows the group like a lost puppy finding his powers to be something out of fairy tale.

The group now leaves for the Midia-Urartu Capital to find one more artifact for Shintaro. They arrive there finding that much of the dragonborn population has died due to a severe disease called “Hell Fever.” The heroes begin to investigate the large city. They find that many people have rallied with The Final Four Scions of Midia rather than their own government due to the recent plague. The group decides to find Lady Sratha, head of the temple of Tiamat in the capital, and also one of the Scions of Midia.

After some time trying to find the temple covertly in the city, they find a large group of soldiers in front of the temple of Tiamat trying to calm an angry mob. The heroes find a secret entrance in the sewers that lets them enter the temple undetected.



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