Four Fables

Chapter 51: Commandant Balasar

12-16-13 session

Timespan: 2nd Work 5:1209

The group continued to fight for their freedom in the arena. They are victorious in battle but do not kill Patrin. Lord Abbadon says that if they wish to prove their innocence then they must kill the scion of Bahamut. Balasar refuses and Patrin wakes up out of unconsciousness and urges his adopted son to kill him since that is what the old law says. He continues by saying, “Do that what I could not do in Edom” meaning when they last fought in Edom, he couldn’t come to kill Balasar. Balasar refuses and claims that the old ways are wrong in this instance. Lord Abbadon summons soldiers to kill the heroes but most of the king’s soldiers actually begin to side with Balasar (mostly dragonborn themselves). Lord Abbadon is about to call wrath upon the party but he is interrupted by one of his soldiers who whispers to him. Abbadon leaves in the chaos while many people in the crowd choose sides with Balasar or Abbadon and riots breakout amongst them.

After an hour, the heroes are received well from their new rebel army that rally behind “Commandant Balasar” (a name Balasar hasn’t heard in years). They leave the arena and find out from their new soldiers that the castle of the co-kings had been captured by unknown enemies (hence why Abbadon left). Within it is the dragonborn King Eglon III himself as well as other hostages. Patrin sides with the heroes and shows them a secret entrance into the castle while their retinue of new soldiers helps in fighting the castle gates as a distraction with Leo leading the soldiers. Lord Abbadon’s plan is to try starving the enemy out even though the enemy has threatened to kill the hostages and Eglon if they do not receive important documents that only Lord Abbadon knows about.

The rest of the heroes enter the secret entrance only known to King Eglon and Patrin. They sneak in and find Lady Sratha hiding there who claims to have been there before the enemy invaded. She says that king Eglon summoned her to hear her demands regarding the Temple of Tiamat’s peace riots but were interrupted by the enemy. The group is hesitant but they eventually believe her and ask her to guard their way out. She agrees and the party continues to search the castle for the king and the other hostages but fail in being stealthy. They feel a strange poison begin to hinder them and numerous dragonborn, teiflings, and yuan-ti appear from the shadows. A female dragonborn laughter can be heard from behind them as their eyes grow heavy from the poison.



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