Four Fables

Chapter 56: The Mole Revealed

5-19-14 session

Timespan: 2nd Work 6:1209

The ship begins its travels across the clouds. They arrive at the edge of a large arcane storm and Shintaro stops for a moment and asks what the plan is with the portal: Will they close or open it. While that is happening, Stondylus and the charmed Nord go downstairs to marvel at the contraption they are riding in. Balasar follows them to make sure they stay out trouble. Stondylus tries to get Balasar on their side to get to the portal as he finds out the dragonborn does want the portal open for the gods (while a majority of the party has voiced their opinion on closing it). Balasar commands the ghost lich to stop but it’s too late as he wills the ship to continue forward through the storm clouds. A fight breaks out with the charmed Nord and Stondylus taking on the heroes.

Upstairs, Delad and Rin take control of the ship to the best of their ability while Thorin and Jayden realize they must star the “exorcism” ritual and take the dagger out of Jayden’s chest. They do so and join the fight.

Things look good until they realize that Stondylus has soul gems with him: the essence of the souls of each person he has ever successfully possessed. He uses one, claiming it to be the soul of Horatio and uses another, claiming it to be the Locksmith aka Master Janum. Finally, he captures Shintaro’s soul in a gem and uses a third one to heal himself, saying it’s Hulda’s soul.

Jayden tries to make a deal during the fight with Stondylus: release Shintaro’s soul in exchange to drop Jayden’s dagger: Crynaden into the ocean. A hole is blown in the side of the airship and they both lift their gem and dagger, respectively. 1…2…3, they drop their items. Shintaro’s soul is restored and the dagger falls out the hole towards the ocean. Jayden in turn flies out the hole and flies up to where Ralph (in griffon form) is. They both plunge down towards the earth and are able to grab the dagger at the last second.

The party, thinking Jayden is dead, fight valiantly on the ship, knocking both Stondylus and Nord out (Nord becoming permanently blinded from Jayden’s radiant attack). Jayden flies back with the dagger in hand so they can finish the ritual and bind Stondylus to Jayden’s dagger. Hulda, back to her human form (not vampire), finds a breath to say farewell to Thorin. He weeps for a moment saying, “You can be at rest now, Hulda.” And for the first time in almost 2 months, Thorin cries real tears. He wipes them away, realizing his vampirism is also over. They question what has happened and realize they have just vanquished the god of undead and secrets: Vecna who they know as Master Stondylus.

The group looks outside, finding themselves on an island of red and yellow sand. Ralph flies down to take a closer look, morphing back to bird form. They all get off the ship to find a large, arcane machine, glowing green on the small island with nothing else on it. Written on the large machine in supernal it says, “Jannat Adn,” the plane where the gods reside.

The Portal: After all the hardship they have finally found it. They discuss what must be done and Ralph is interested in what they have to say. Thorin finds that if they destroy the portal here, they too, will perish in what most likely will be a large explosion. Ralph goes to Delad’s shoulder and something amazing happens: His feather’s begin to glow red. He begins to morph and his voice begins to change into a woman elegant voice, “Finally, I’ve been that stupid bird for way too long. Delad, it’s time we make this right and get them all here now.” Before the group, stepping out of a black aura, is a beautiful red headed elven woman with black raven wings on her back. She steps forward and everyone freezes for a moment as they gaze at Sehanine herself, the goddess of the moon. “This will only hurt for a moment, dear Delad.” She touches the elf’s back as he screams in agony. The power unleashed upon him brings him to his knees and tears his shirt from his back revealing the arcane mark to become larger than it ever has before. At the same time a green light brightens the sky and the gate as the light pierces the sky straight above, out of site. The green light creates two large portals next to each other on the platform of the arcane machine that opens revealing fourteen shadowy figures. Seven of them get through from one of the portals, as if they were ready to jump through. However, with quick reflexes, Delad screams, “It doesn’t matter what we do! They will always be able to control us! I refuse my daughter to live in a land with gods like these!” He grabs the exodus knife and plunges it deep into himself. The arcane mark recedes from his back and the other portal door closes shut on many of the shadowy figures. Only seven figures get through into the world.

The gods have arrived…



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