Four Fables

Chapter 58: Theories Resolved

6-5-14 session (Part 2)

Out of Character: This was the big reveal, that Erryes is the future of these scientists that tried terraforming this new world. The scientists are the representation of the gods of Erryes:

Kubrick (real name is Independent Operating Unit) = Ioun, god of knowledge
Dr. Gunther Grunwalsh = Gruumsh
Dr. Sarah Kaufmann = Sehanine
Dr. Martin Jones = Moradin
Dr. Reena Kapoor = Raven Queen
Dr. Paul Osborne = Pelor
Dr. Mariya Pavlov = Melora
Dr. Fumio Naioboshi = Vecna aka Master Stondylus
Clemens Grunwalsh = Corellon
Dr. Afua Boro = Avandra
Dr. Armando Salazar = Asmodeus
Dr. Calvin “Wonk” Wilson = Kord
Dr. Roberto Morales = Bahamut

Shintaro’s artifacts represent what happened 1500 years ago on Eden:
#1: “Moradin forged the heavens which the gods reside in (this ship, Eden)”
#2: “The gods once all viewed one another as friends (or colleague scientists)”
#3: “One god will roam Erryes for Eternity” (Fumio aka Vecna aka Stondylus)
#4: “Sehanine is the power behind all portals on Erryes” (she created the teleportation holes)
#5: “Bane (the diseased GRIP) destroyed many before the Tabula Rasa. Bane was the catalyst…”
#6: “Ioun held a terrible secret from all the gods in order to keep peace” (not telling the scientists of their doomed planet, Earth)
#7: “No one can travel to the planes because of the gods’ folly”

Timespan: 2nd Work 6:1209

As the gate shuts down once again, 7 humanoids stand before the Heroes of the Portal, they all look human, but in what appears to be white robes. One speaks up with an eye patch on his face, “Finally, our time is at hand, many were sacrificed for us to get here but we have arrived. This world needs to be taken care of only by your masters now. We will make sure you are well taken care of.” As they step onto the sand they begin to morph before the party’s eyes. The one talking morphs into Gruumsh, the one eyed god of orcs and battle. One lady steps down and grows into a half spider, half drow creature. The Queen of Spiders, Lolth, says, “With their deaths we can make sure the portal stays open for us forever, to come and go as we please.” Another person they recognize to be Asmodeus who ‘played’ with them not long ago, horns come from his head and a devil’s tail to match as he says, “Gunther, take it easy on them, will you? They are mere pawns to continue our rein here on Ares.” A loud bellow is heard as one of the men grows into a humongous Titan: Kord himself yells, “Time to take care of business!” One woman’s neck elongates into a reptilian head and continues to morph into a large dragon as she says, “Save Io for me, his disease will no longer be a threat to this world,” Tiamat begins to hover in place.

All looks bleak as other figures take their time to turn into the various other evil gods, Tharizdun and Torog, when the body of Delad begins to light up. The heroes look down to see that in the process of disemboweling himself, he has created a small door with his exodus knife. The portal stretches out with hands emerging: Avandra peals herself out of the door yelling, “I’m free!” The door closes with the knife in Delad’s hands. “It seems that Delad was able to let the door open long enough for me to bypass to this one.” The group looks at her bewildered and she sighs, “It’s ‘MAGIC’, don’t worry about it. Anyway, looks like he’s barely hanging on, can you cure him?”

Thorin heals Delad and the elf looks up at the heroes and asks, “Why did you bring me back to this place? My mind was made up.” The group is able to convince Delad that this world is worth living for, especially for his daughter and only he can help them.

Avandra says, “You need to keep the disease on you so the door can open again for the others, they can help you fend these guys off. It’s the only way you will be able to finally close this portal for good, that is unless you want to open it freely, but then you’ll have to deal with those guys over there,” as she points to the menacing evil gods.

Delad says, “OK, I’ll do it for you guys and not them,” as he points towards the evil gods. He takes on the disease once again as the gate opens.

Coming from what seems to be a second door that resides along side the portal where the evil gods came from, 7 other figures emerge. They have similar humanistic features with strange white robes. But one looks very familiar to you: Malakiy. He speaks but with a different tone and voice, much warmer than the usual angel of prophecy, “Well, it looks like it couldn’t be helped, huh, Thorin?” Another speaks as she morphs from a dark skinned woman into a white, paled skinned black winged woman, the face of the Raven Queen says, “We will help you in whatever decision you decide to make.” She flies at Torog willing to fight. “We created you, so we know you will make the right decision for your world,” adds the dwarven warrior god, Moradin, as he slams his hammer on the ground sending a shockwave at Asmodeus. One man leaps to the sky and transforms into the silvery dragon god Bahamut, looking at Balasar and saying, “Io, we believe there is no sickness you bring to this world, only hope.” One elf slams his sword against Gruumsh’s spear yelling, “I’ve made mistakes before and realized that taking your eye was not enough, father,” Corellon screams in anger at the orc god. Erathis and Melora summon gale winds to stop Tharizdun from flying too high, who was trying to run away. Erathis exclaims, “Your world is made up of many people, many cultures, and with that, your decisions are your own; we cannot make them for you.” Melora adds, “The land and seas shows evidence of what you have made of this world formed from our creation. With that, all we can do is observe and guide you from the artifacts we have left you. We leave these items even for those who may not believe in us,” as she winks at Shintaro.

The one who looks like Malakiy says, “Heroes of the Portal, the final prophecies are made here: You are all both the Red and Blue part of the Prophecy. Though Delad is the only one of you who can open the door from afar through his arcane mark, you all have been given the ability to open or close the portal for good. As the only way for me to directly give you the power to will us into your lives permanently or not took great consideration and power on our end, but with that, we believe you will make the best decision for your world. We will hold them off as best we can until you can open or close it. If you close it, we will all return to Eden, never able to return again.” A bright shining light emits from the man’s eyes as radiant energy hits Gruumsh hard, he glides across the sand into battle with ease as you realize that Pelor is kicking butt on your behalf.

The group begins to battle the gods receiving aid from the other good gods at various times. In the midst of the fight the heroes of the prophecy (including Sehanine unfortunately) are given the chance to open or close the gate permanently. The group decides to close the gate, feeling it to be the right decision. They are able to “defeat” the gods but realize the gods are not actually dying, as if they are put into some kind of stasis shield once defeated. Many fall but unfortunately Shintaro falls as well, suffering from multiple heart attacks on the field of battle due to his old age.

However, with the final part of the prophetic ritual complete, the portal begins to fade in power. The evil gods scream in agony, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is our world!” They fade in and out of existence as the portal begins to close. Avandra looks at the heroes and says, “I know you would make the right decision! Thank you, and don’t worry, Irrbryn is safe in the knife, you might want to let her out though! See ya!” Each good god looks to them and thanks them with tears of joy and shouts of acclamation. Pelor turns to Thorin and looks at the body of Hulda and says, “We can save her, you know. We have the capability to bring her back but it will cost you and her your time here on Ares. Since you’re both human, you can handle the life on Eden, but once you come, you can never go back. Without hesitation Thorin looks to his friends for the past few years and thanks them all saying he must go to save her. Jayden and Thorin embrace, best friends, leaving on a bitter sweet note. He takes Hulda and follows the good gods to the gate, and with a green light (Green Prophecy revealed) they vanish through the door.

As for Shintaro, the Heroes find his body as he lies dead from exhaustion and old age. It’s time now; the world has given Shintaro what he wanted to see: his civilization has been discovered once again and now, with the aberrant, alien creatures gone, his people can remember who they were once again. They will now learn their heritage properly, thanks to him. But it came at a high price for the shifter. The artifacts have drained the life from him and the heart attacks and strokes have left him nothing but a husk of a shifter man. The life slips from him but the primal spirits have not abandoned him. They lift what remains of Shintaro and he becomes one with the spirits of the artifacts: King Quang Ziu’s council, his friends, and his daughter are reunited as a complete set. A fine collection of armor and weapon to not only take on any enemy of the primal spirits but to convey a perfect representation of the Lau Jahnan Dynasty. A priceless treasure that will be coveted by his people for all ages. And every once in awhile in the years to come, Shintaro’s spirit will be able to give some words of advice to those who might stumble upon these artifacts. And if words of advice don’t work, a good primal spirit whack to the head won’t kill them. The remaining heroes return Shintaro’s artifacts to the Lin Yao of the shifter clans. Finding that his friend Thorin is gone, Nord Cooper makes it his penance to help Lin Yao and the shifter clans to rediscover their lost heritage and teach them of the special properties of The Loring Beacon, the ship that got them to the Unknown Northern Territories.

As the Raven Queen begins to leave she looks at Rin and says, “Your job is over now Rin. You may now return to the world of the dead. But before you go, you may ask your friends any questions you wish. Rin asks Balasar of his past and the dragonborn says it was his fault that Nevik (Rin’s real name) died. But Balasar realizes that his death made him into the noble dragonborn he is today and, for that, Rin is happy to hear this. The Raven Queen kisses Rin and his body slumps down as his final breath is drawn. Balasar is able to bury his friend near the old Military Academy where they first met in Midia.

The remaining heroes travel back to the main lands once seeing that the Portal is totally inert. Delad is able to raise Irrbryn in the Temple of the Hand, Foot, and Mind to the best of his ability. He reopens the temple it but doesn’t stay long as Master Ryosuke is still missing. Not even a body has turned up, so Delad and Irrbryn have made it their goal to find his master and spend many years searching for him. No one knows if he ever accepted the love of the good gods again.

Even though they claim he is a god, Balasar Zavari feels no different than before. Sure, he vanquished a few gods himself, but what he misses is his old life in his country of Midia. When he returns with much pomp and circumstance and parades and honors, he realizes this cold war is doing nothing but destroying the resources of his country. As a general of Midia’s army he begins to dismantle much of the armies that protect their borders as a sign of good will to Urartu. They follow suit finding there are more common enemies they can agree upon to team against: whether pesky orc armies rise to power or dragons nesting in forests in their countries. The countries never coexist again, but they have created a friendship that is more attainable for both of their pride.

Jayden hermits himself from the world. Not many people know him other than his great deeds as a Hero of the Portal. He likes the quietness with Ralph (who seems to be his old, dumb self since he was only possessed by Sehanine for the past 2 years); a nomad who comes and goes as the wind. He visits his friends around the world constantly: Leonus Anima in Kinsmet, Balasar in Midia, Oskoor in Pashin, heck, even Kyrynn with the Keepers of the Ancient Ones in Edom. He likes to feel connected to everyone and the only humanly way to do so is to visit them all constantly throughout the year. This also gives him a chance to really explore Stondylus’ various theories. The Great Theory wasn’t the only one he knew; mysterious wonders of the world are littered throughout the world of Erryes and Jayden has only scratched the surface of it. So with Stondylus’ books in hand, Jayden begins to find out what drew him to Stondylus. The half elf realized they were two sides of the same coin. They both loved to explore the world and meet new and interesting people and places though Stondylus would become obsessed with it, while Jayden knew not to mettle with something so established in this world. He realized that this was the only real family he had and that depressed him so much so that eventually he found himself back in Frosthaven with his father, Seravin Stormwind, hoping to find a relationship with him after so many years.

The heroes remaining in the world decided as a group not to tell the whole truth of the gods. The fact that they were mortal themselves, humans only posing as gods. They never quite understood who these “gods” were, but all that mattered to them was that they were gone, never able to physically enter their world again.

But Thorin found out the truth. He quickly grabbed Hulda’s body and proceeded towards the gate. Looking back at his friends the human waved a final goodbye. Thorin is whisked away to the land of Jannat adn, Eden, a ship in what seems like another world. Hulda is saved through the powers of the gods and you and your love are reunited forever, never looking back other than the good times you had with your friends on Erryes. After Paul’s (Pelor’s real name) inevitable death due to old age many years later, Thorin takes the powers that control the divinity of Pelor and continue his reign from afar. And so does his son after him, Thorin Lotus III. The Great Theory was proven though during Thorin’s time on Eden, at least to him. At times they were bored on that cramped ship but given all that they heard of the past with the gods: what happened to their original planet, Earth, long ago, they felt they made the right choice and must suffer with the consequences. The age of the gods continue to reign from afar on Erryes as they should be, thanks to the Heroes of the Portal.




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