Four Fables

Episode 101

Let me tell you a story

-The home of Razzle Frazz


You arrive at his home, if you want to call it that: a very large hollowed out tree on a small swamp lagoon island, in the middle of the woods near your town. You have never seen a tree like it before in all the rest of the forest; it bends and shapes in the weirdest of ways, yet a home fits perfectly inside. Your parents figure you’re playing “make believe” and “pretend” games there in the forest like usual, and while you did at first, you eventually came across the old human who scared the gods out of you at first asking if you wanted to hear a story. You eventually warmed up to him listening to his fantastic stories of dashing knights, man-eating dragons, powerful wizards, and cut-throat assassins; and he never ran out of them.

Razzle Frazz, the old hermit, looks at you all sitting in the wet dirt, with your eyes eager to hear more. Today seems a bit different though, his eyes cast a glare of what appears to be dust and sand. Before you can even think to question what seems to be the matter he begins, “Do you like my stories? Do they entertain you?” The kids answer with a resounding “Yes” and he continues, "Well, then I will tell you my most favorite of stories, this first one is called:

Season 1: The Lost Mine of Phandelver"

In the year 1179 of Erryes, a group of adventurers were called on by Valin Ironfist to help his cousin, Gundren Rockseeker to get his mining supplies from Kartan to Phandalin. So the ragtag group: Flip O’Malley, Keth, Lucien Palantir, and Ramas Fezim, along with Valin, made their way with the supplies to Phandalin. Gundren went ahead along with a bodyguard named Syldar Hallwinter to Phandalin (a name Flip recognized but kept to himself.

As they made their way to Phandalin they came across dead horses and an ambush of goblins waiting for them. After dispatching them and almost losing control of their oxen, the group is able to locate the goblin’s home. They spend the night off the main trail and proceed into the cave where the goblins live.



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