Four Fables

Episode 107

A Knight Lost in Time

The story’s heroes went to find Ramas who is found in the town center by a statue. He raises his necklace and puts it on the stone statue. The stone crumbles away as a human paladin of Erathis steps from the rubble. Confused on where he is and what happened, Sir Cadwyn Ferrimon is told by Ramas and his friends (who join him) that he has been encased in that statue since Mount Pinray erupted roughly 20 years ago. Sir Cadwyn explains he was saving the village by evacuating the villagers when a massive wave of lava enveloped most of the village, including him. His body was found and made into a statue by the remaining villagers before they fully evacuated the village back then (in remembrance of his bravery). It seems the goddess Erathis has saved him and has a purpose with him with Ramas: to rebuild the former glory of their village, Thundertree (as Ramas reveals this is where he was born). It turns out the necklace is a prayer bead of Erathis (Ramas Sr.’s deity he prayed to and gave this necklace to Ramas Jr. before he died).

Favric tries to get the party’s help in talking to the green dragon in town but Cadwyn and Syldar recognize his crooked lies and threaten the cultists. Favric, finding this to be futile, calmly takes his leave from the party without a fight.

With the party reunited they travel into Kartan woods to find Cragmaw Castle (leaving their wagon and oxen outside of the woods). After some careful planning they enter the crumbling fort from the back door and begin to wipe out the goblins, hobgoblins, and other monsters inside. King Grol, the bugbear leader, and a drow he was talking with try to take the party on. MIckmouse (Syldar’s companion) is slain and Syldar goes on a rampage. Sure enough, Gundren Rockseeker is with the bugbear and is threatened throughout the fight. Once the bugbear dies, the drow grabs a scroll on the table and kills Gundren while trying to escape. Her escapes are futile though as the group is able to knock her out and tie her up. The group clears out the rest of the castle from a very angry owlbear and finally the castle is quiet.



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