Four Fables

Episode 109

Wave Echo Cave

The party looted the necromancer and only found that the old well had been dried up and a recent, purposeful, landslide had destroyed the insides of it. With some new magical items in possession, the group heads to Wave Echo Cave in order to clear it out for Gundren.

The group finds the remains of Tharden, one of Gundren’s brothers, in the first large room of the mine. They continue to the Northeast, following the sounds of pounding waves deeper inside. They fight ghouls and oozes as they explore the once claimed mines of the ancient dwarves. They chase some ghouls and come across a large furnace (now cold and dormant) and begin to battle a green flaming, floating skull who proceeds to reign fire upon the party continuously. Luckily, with the help of Tharden’s boots, Valin is able to fight and defeat the floating evil entity by pouncing upon him. However, the affects of the turned undead spell are starting to fade as fleeing zombies begin to shamble towards the heroes!



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