Four Fables

Episode 216

Finmiss' Laundromat

-Finnmiss’ Laundromat

The group explores the remains of Blue Hilt’s headquarters. After some research of journals and news clippings from the past few hundreds of years that Frosthaven/Frostopolis has been around, Cade finds that Blue Hilt was never just one person. In fact, after the hundreds of years that it goes back it was too many to count. One would come across Blue Hilt’s lair and take the shawl to protect the lands of Lykovia. However, many died due to their enemies (99%); they more often would hurt the ones they loved first before killing Blue Hilt. When one dies, their body was found consumed by fire unrecognizable by the authorities and the Blue Hilt items would disappear and reappear here in the caves. It’s obvious to see that the cowl of Blue Hilt is a dangerous mantle to put on. The most notable Blue Hilt Cade found in the journals was one who took the persona and went to the country of Cush to aid with some bandits in stealing for an evil rich merchant in a small town called Elderwood (Refer to Chapter 39: Elderwood).

After searching everywhere the group decides to try and use the water basin with Razzle Frazz’s name on it. Upon drinking the water in the basin their body is frozen and destroyed where their remains are taken up in a snowstorm and their bodies are magically reformed outside the alleyway of their theater (painful but effective).

The group goes to bed that night after hearing from Standard Bearer (who was fixing their sentries at Dr. Important’s lab) that the Sentries have been repaired. Just in time too, as they theater is slightly under attack by a few more kenku hired by the Whispering Wind. Stan also mentions that Dr. Important will be starting a new initiative to help the sentinels and gain respect for the warforged race by placing their metal friends on all of the Sentinels’ patrols. In the next few weeks, everyone will see their achievements.

The next day the group goes to Finmiss’ Laundromat, a gnomish steam powered contraption that cleans clothes for the business. But before getting there the group saves a child and woman from a burning building. Turns out the woman’s husband was a wizard who messed up a conjuring spell and summoned powerful fire elementals who proceeded to kill the wizard and burn their home down. Thankfully, using the new found haste powers of Blue Hilt’s sword, Vhalak and the crew rescue the toddler and vanquish the elementals. Vhalak is a bit choked up in all of this.

After some reconnaissance at the laundromat, Vhalak finds in one of the buildings a false bottom chest that descends further below. But before they can do anything about it, several wereboars track the changling’s scent and proceed to fight the group claiming they are snooping around where they shouldn’t be. The group easily kills them all and begins to find any info they can. They grab a couple encoded books from the secret room but before they interrogate their prisoner a familiar crossbow wielding gith assassin shows up and throws an incendiary bomb to permanently silence the prisoner and runs away from the group.

As for the rest of the inheritors, they try to outrun the sentinels but, realizing they will never leave anyone behind, they go back for drunk Ryosuke. The Sentinels are able to catch up to them and demand an explanation. Cade tries to persuade them but their true colors shows as they morph into werewolves to try and stop the party. The party kills one and the other runs away.



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