Four Fables

Episode 217

Melora's Tears = True Myth

-Melora’s Tears

The heroes return to the theater, Cade is cured of his lycanthrope once again and the group sees Dr. Important. They give him the encoded books and ask for his help in decoding them. He agrees but says it will take several weeks.

One week passes and the Inheritors go to see King Celeborn in his castle as per requested of Favric. The arrogant king is somewhat interested in meeting them so he can gloat of his exploits for building such a large city. The group asks why the druids have left the city and why many animals do not live within the city. He’s absent minded about that but does explain that the city has made a name for itself because of the ore, Melora’s Tears, in the mines not far from the city that power the spells of the wizard’s guilds in order to build the city; he thinks maybe they left because of these crystals. The heroes are able to see that these arcane crystals are also used to create the highly addicting drug, “True Myth.” The heroes ask for him to shut down the mine and he is happy to do so as long as the popular Ashborne creates a play to be performed in his honor during the month of Entropy (only weeks away now). The group agrees though when Ardhorn brings up the fact that the Whispering Wind are the ones who are somehow getting a hold of the crystals in order to make the drugs, King Celeborn is not happy and has him forcibly removed from his court. Favric meets him and Ardhorn starts claiming he and everyone in this castle is in on the drug racket. Favric rolls his eyes and before leaving he says, “Who do you trust, Ardhorn? I am afraid your list seems awfully short.”

After handling some dealers and beggars on the streets (and Ashborne magically stealing people’s shadows in order to disguise himself as his prey) they find that True Myth is hard to find these past few weeks. It turns out that the mines are all dried up of Melora’s Tears. Now the thieves guild will have to find other ways to make it. Razzle Frazz imparts some knowledge to them and they go home where they wait for Dr. Important’s notes.

Another two weeks pass (Cade is tasked by his Grayguard group to take care of the borders of the city from orc invasions during this time) and the heroes get the information from the gnome mage. They find out that the guild will start finding other places to make True Myth (one of them being Valin’s own mines in Phandalin) though they plan on staying here in Frostopolis to provide their clientele. They find out the Whispering Wind’s leader,
Cannonball, will be there at their main headquarters (a small clothing shop basement) tomorrow during the patrol route of the rogues who are posing as Sentinels that the Inheritors plan on following.

The group gears up that night with potions and scrolls at a local magic shop and the next day they follow the patrol: the same 3 guys who roughed up half of the Inheritors. The rogues go through the secret entrance (an outhouse) behind a clothing shop. A minute later, a few of the party members follow while the rest wait outside so as not to surprise the enemy all at the same time.

The party follows their tracks through some dark corridors in this large factory basement. They come across a large room full of bones and a locked door with a switch next to it. Ardhorn, not thinking, pulls the switch and while nothing happens to the door, 3 bone nagas rise from the fallen humanoid bones and a battle ensues. The party finishes off the monsters but the door remains shut.



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