Cadwyn Ferrimon

Paladin of Devotion


Sir Cadwyn is a human paladin with short, brown hair and blue eyes.

He grew up in a temple dedicated to Bahamut. As he grew his size and strength allowed him to be more warrior-like and trained to be a paladin of Bahamut. During the eruption of the great volcano Pinray his temple was destroyed. The volcano also threatened the neighboring village of Thundertree. Cadwyn fought to protect this village but he was doing it alone for Bahamut’s interests were elsewhere. The Goddess Erathis watched as Cadwyn fought to save Thundertree, and as he made the ultimate sacrifice to save the village from destruction, Erathis saved Cadwyn by encasing him in a statue until such time.

Decades later he was freed by Ramas Fezim. The paladin of Erathis has agreed to help the pirate in rebuilding their old town of Thundertree and helping the heroes in their adventures.

After helping the adventurers vanquish the Black Spider (Neznarr), he and Ramas Fezim brought Thundertree back to life. They returned the refugees of the town with the help of Reidoth. For the next 30 years Sir Cadwyn felt he had a purpose once again as the protector of the small town of Thundertree.


Cadwyn Ferrimon

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