Felicia Stro'Upe



Felicia grew up in the Underdark, in the drow city, Phaervorul. House Stro’Upe has raised her as a cut above the rest of her peers. She excelled in studies and athletic prowess compared to her peers. Once reaching adulthood she was ordered to join raiding parties to the surface to kill wood elves and pillage. She did so very well and was even considered to join the elite group, “The Handmaidens of the Spider Queen.” Things were going very well for Felicia during her adult years, she was even given a suitor to be married to, a drow named Neznarr. He was of House Stro’Upe as well, he was very attractive and she fell for him (and a part of her still feels some kind of connection to Neznarr).

However she left her home in the Underdark because she was not as stern with Nezznar as she should have been during their courting session (after all, drow women are the heads of each of their houses and males are considered subordinate to the female population). Neznarr took advantage of Felicia when they were in private: verbal and physical abuse was common and because of the love she had for him she felt she could never harm him or talk back. Though she would never admit it and it was always hidden from others, even to this day. She couldn’t take it anymore because she felt that there was more to life and her heart was uneasy. She still loved him and wanted things to work out, but couldn’t live with herself if she merely did what was expected of her.

Once rising to the surface from the Underdark and trying to adjust to the sun, Felicia would often pose as a wood elf using her disguise kit. Her false identity she created for herself was Delany Wyn’throp, a merchant trader and buyer of rare goods, “Delany” took a small business model and made it into a well known operation in the Kartan region of Cush (using some of the items she ascertained from sometimes questionable methods i.e. theft, gambling, etc.). She met Lucien and eventually joined him with the Redbrands doing random mercenary/bodyguard work in the country of Cush (using her false identity if needed for travels sake), near the town of Phandalin.

Lucien and Felicia fell in love and had a child together. Months after the birth of her son, Ashborne, they found distant relatives of Lucien’s in the small village of Whitemarsh in the country of Lykovia: Francesca and Kirk Fornelove, who agree to help in raising their child. They decided to give up their son because of fear of retaliation by someone who was on the wrong end of Delany/Felicia’s business deals, or worst, the drow of House Stro’Upe might find him.

Lucien, Felicia, and a few other gang members went on a highway robbery on Triboar Trail one day. Things go well until a few of the gang members turn on Lucien for some reason the drow still doesn’t know today. Lucien is mortally wounded and Felicia is dragged back to the hideout to be disciplined into submission.

For the next month Felicia saw Glasstaff rise to leadership of the Redbrands and she had been going through the motions of being with the guild.

After joining back with Lucien and trying to repair their relationship she has found him to become more obsessed with killing Glasstaff. Once they find the evil mage Lucien kills Glasstaff and his anger remains. Felicia feels sorry for him and realizes her time is over with Lucien and she never wishes for her son to meet his true father, Lucien.

40 years later she introduced Lucien (now known as Razzle Frazz) to his son, Ashborne. His great theater is partially given to Felicia, Ashborne and a few other close friends and they get it back into business. But at a high price: the death of their friend Vhalak, Razzle Frazz, and worst, her son, Ashborne. She leaves her share of the theater to the other Inheritors and leaves Frostopolis forever.

Felicia Stro'Upe

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