Keegan Von Richter VIII

Lord over Richter Manor, richest family in all of Resen


Originally from Lykovia, the Richter family settled here in Resen hundreds of years ago. Keegan (as he is the last of his family) is in search of finding an heir to his family estate. He was a general for the Lykovia army during the “Brother and Sister War” where two sibling dragons have taken over the city, Frosthaven, and have created their own “nation” out of it.

Once the war was futile to continue, Keegan settled back here in Resen.

2 years ago he had met Thorin in a friendly joust celebration. Thorin won the fight and the whole competition.

In the present, the party believed he was a vampire who was trying to kill Teman and Yuma. Instead, he was just someone who led an eccentric life of staying up at weird times of the night and eating raw meat. He was thankful to the party for sparring him, curing Yuma, and freeing Teman of his sickness.

Keegan Von Richter VIII

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