Paladin of Moradin, General of the Pashin army


Underneath the Yalin mountains, Oskoor lived in the Dwarven Kingdom of Pashin. He grew up in a huge family with plenty of aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, etc. so he is quite the family man himself. But after the Great War with the orcs he felt that Moradin was leading him to become a follower. He tried to fill in as a warrior during the war (which only ended back in 1202) but he was kicked out for being too young. Oskoor then tended the church of Moradin to find answers and eventually the war was over and the orcs fled the mountains. But, no one wanted them to come back so a handful of dwarves were sent out of the mountains to keep an eye on them. No one had heard of them for a long time so Oskoor decided to venture into the unknown upper lands and find the “Unforgotten brothers.”

Oskoor then met up with Thorin, Jayden, and Delad. With their help, he saved the lost brothers. After bringing them back, Oskoor was promoted as a captain of the Pashin army. He eventually rose up in the ranks and is now one of the head generals of the army.


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