Reginald Alvar

Half Elf Green Knight


This half elf paladin of the woods has been searching for PIp. He was hired by Phandalin and was instructed to find the party that was last seen with PIp.

He has a faithful steed, Dharma, a polar bear.

Even though he is full of himself and his looks, he’s actually quite a good investigator.

After failing to find the right person who killed Pip, Reginald got down on his luck. He moved to Frostopolis in hopes of a better life as a small private investigator. He grew ragged though, his hair whitened due to stress. Now, he has it out for the inheritors of Razzle Frazz’s theater. They seem to end up in all the wrong spots with him.

He eventually warms up to the Inheritors after all the good they have done for him and the Sentinels.

Reginald Alvar

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