A thin and frail rogue dragonborn with a mask over his mouth and daggers at his side.

It was recently revealed that he has been summoned by The Raven Queen to help the Heroes of the Portal and that he barely remembers his old life as Nevek. Nevek was Balasar’s friend growing up in the military academy who died on Balasar’s watch. Though Balasar has not revealed all that happened to him because he is ashamed of what happened.

After the Heroes of the Portal Quest:

As the Raven Queen begins to leave she looks at Rin and says, “Your job is over now Rin. You may now return to the world of the dead. But before you go, you may ask your friends any questions you wish. Rin asks Balasar of his past and the dragonborn says it was his fault that Nevik (Rin’s real name) died. But Balasar realizes that his death made him into the noble dragonborn he is today and, for that, Rin is happy to hear this. The Raven Queen kisses Rin and his body slumps down as his final breath is drawn. Balasar is able to bury his friend near the old Military Academy where they first met in Midia.


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