Thorin Lotus II



Birthday: 3rd Rise 21:1174

Age: 35

An orphan who grew up in his church, The Sun Dial of Pelor, on the island of Resen. He found out his father was killed by his friend, Jayden, 34 years ago.

Thorin had a good childhood with the clerics of “The Sun Dial of Pelor,” the largest, most well known church of Pelor in all of Erryes. He was somewhat melancholy about not knowing his parents but the clerics treated him well. Most days he was too busy with life to be wistful. His training had three major components since there are different types of clerics to Pelor. He was taught the religion and ways of Pelor. He was taught how to fight by the battle clerics, and he was taught about the ways and magics of healing. He also learned a little about ritual casting. Thorin took to it all very well.

There were three other “students” being trained at the same time as him. There were two boys who had parents but their parents had given them in devotion to Pelor to be trained as clerics. Their names were Gunnarr (which means warrior) and Nord (meaning strong). (what race were they?) I figured them both being human unless you want to do something else with it. It doesn’t matter to me. Nord was Thorin’s best friend at first. Nord learned how to battle well but he did not take to healing and more importantly he never seemed to truly accept the teaching about Pelor. This caused a rift in their relationship and eventually Nord turned his back on the church. Thorin has no idea what became of him. In the midst of Nord’s inner struggle, Gunnarr and Thorin became best friends, which also helped to push Nord to the outside unintentionally on Thorin’s part.

There was always a lot of competition in the group for who was best at certain things. Thorin was the best at healing but not as adept at fighting as Gunnarr and Nord. Gunnarr remains Thorin’s best friend in this world besides Jayden. Gunnarr remained within the church structure whereas Thorin had a wander-lust probably because of his inner desire to find his family (i put this because at the time you left the Sun Dial you didn’t know who any of your family was). The forth member of the class was a girl named Hulda (meaning hiding or secrecy) (what race is she?). What do you think of eladrin? Or would that be to outside the norm? Otherwise she could be human as well. She was also an orphan who was taken in by the church. As a youth, she was one of the boys and competed along with them. She was the best at ritual casting and was Thorin’s rival in healing. Thorin was often embarrassed to be beaten in mock combat by a girl. When they grew older Thorin and Hulda were the best of friends along with Gunnarr. Later, Thorin developed feelings for Hulda which he was convinced she shared. However, she seemed to want to push him away for reasons he never knew. One night, she disappeared from the church. Thorin often wonders where she is and if she is doing well.

Thorin now knows that his mother’s name is Yuma Lotus. But he has never found any living relatives such as grandparents, aunts, or uncles. He does not know anything about any possible relatives. Thorin has fought a lot of undead in his time before his joining the group which is why he focused some power into combating that evil. He is deeply offended by the presence of the undead as an affront to the life-giving nature of Pelor and the thought in the back of his mind of the possibility that his father may not have found rest in death.

He became a dhampyr: half vampire, half human cleric of Pelor. He’s not happy about that.

With the death of Vecna aka Stondylus, his vampirism has been lifted along with Hulda’s

After the Heroes of the Portal quest:

Pelor turns to Thorin and looks at the body of Hulda and says, “We can save her, you know. We have the capability to bring her back but it will cost you and her your time here on Ares. Since you’re both human, you can handle the life on Eden, but once you come, you can never go back. Without hesitation Thorin looks to his friends for the past few years and thanks them all saying he must go to save her. Jayden and Thorin embrace, best friends, leaving on a bitter sweet note. He takes Hulda and follows the good gods to the gate, and with a green light (Green Prophecy revealed) they vanish through the door.

The heroes remaining in the world decided as a group not to tell the whole truth of the gods. The fact that they were mortal themselves, humans only posing as gods. They never quite understood who these “gods” were, but all that mattered to them was that they were gone, never able to physically enter their world again.

But Thorin found out the truth. He quickly grabbed Hulda’s body and proceeded towards the gate. Looking back at his friends the human waved a final goodbye. Thorin is whisked away to the land of Jannat adn, Eden, a ship in what seems like another world. Hulda is saved through the powers of the gods and you and your love are reunited forever, never looking back other than the good times you had with your friends on Erryes. After Paul’s (Pelor’s real name) inevitable death due to old age many years later, Thorin takes the powers that control the divinity of Pelor and continue his reign from afar. And so does his son after him, Thorin Lotus III. The Great Theory was proven though during Thorin’s time on Eden, at least to him. At times they were bored on that cramped ship but given all that they heard of the past with the gods: what happened to their original planet, Earth, long ago, they felt they made the right choice and must suffer with the consequences. The age of the gods continue to reign from afar on Erryes as they should be, thanks to the Heroes of the Portal.

Thorin Lotus II

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