The entire city is underwater protected by an arcane shield from the Amber Sea above. A series of connected carved out tunnels and “burrows” fill the underground city. It is like an ant city or prairie dog city. It is all man-made. The underground is extremely rich in mineral deposits such as copper, iron, lead, gold, silver, salt, and boron, which is important to make glass and ceramics. Almost everyone who works here is a miner. Other jobs involve a large ceramics industry, some governmental officials which are more like village elders, homemakers, and some minor industries like bread makers, tailors, a “police” force etc. The only city was built at a certain location because it was built directly above an extremely large vein of ore that surrounds the entire underground city. This is extremely important since many of the indigenous predators are burrowers. The city is completely protected from this and the people never dig into their protective metals.

The people, therefore, all have to leave the city to work in the mines. Due to the intense heat they were used to, the people still live nocturnally. They work at night and sleep during the day. Not all day, just a normal eight hours, so they are awake for eight hours where they stay underground. They enjoy music and festive events to make up for dreary lives. They only travel in groups when out of the city for greater safety. The miners have learned how to use their own tools as weapons (becoming quite efficient in picks and hammers). They use their tools to try to fight off the predators and with the mindset that most predators will only consume one humanoid, so your chances increase in groups. The people who have chosen to live here are in two distinct groups—the lifers and the transients. The lifers have been born here and know no other life. Their bodies are adapted to this lifestyle. They are distinctively smaller in overall size and have developed a better vision for the dark. They are also very sensitive to underground vibrations.

The transients are trying to make their fortunes working in the mines and are looking forward to moving out of Edom. They are normal sized and uncomfortable in the underground city since none of the tunnels or openings are large enough for them. At night they use torches, which the lifers do not carry. The transients always travel out of the city with lifers to serve as an early-warning system for things popping out of the ground. Some Halflings, dwarves, and gnomes have started to dwell here since they fit in well due to their size but there are not large numbers of them since the humans really want the wealth for themselves. Since there is so much wealth to be had, the humans are displaying some racism. They tolerate some other races but they keep them feeling as outsiders. The people are used to outsiders coming and going but the lifers keep them at arms length. The transients live life like they are in a miner’s town—eat, drink, and are merry for tomorrow they may die. Everyone is expected to always work for the common good—it is the only way to survive. Those who don’t follow this credo are put out of the city—alone.

There are fortunes to be made here. Many make their money, and if they don’t die, they move away. The lifers can have any earthly possession they want. However, because the city is so small, they are to choose carefully what to keep because they cannot keep too much. They also keep hidden hordes of precious metals hidden in holes around their dwelling much as dwarves would.

Life depends on the trade routes. They are completely dependent on trading for essentials like cloth for clothing and for all of their food. This is why the trade lines are almost continuous. If they manage to kill a predator, they will eat it since fresh meat is a treat. The giant purple worms are a new threat and consume far more workers and traders than any previous predator. Life continues to get riskier as the miners need to constantly travel to mines farther from the city as they deplete closer veins.

They gain their water from underground lakes and rivers in the Underdark, not far from their city. They collect this water and deposit it in their basins. These basins are not large enough to hold all of their water needs so they need to store water in ceramic jars with lids. Some of their burrows only hold jars of water. Water is their most important needs since it would be difficult to obtain enough water during trading to fill their requirements.


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