The Final Four Scions of Midia

These are four dragonborn’s who have been blessed by certain gods to hold the draconic powers of their ancestors. One would come every century or so to lead the Midia country during a time of distress but with the unification of Midia and Urartu, four have emerged. The priests of each god claim these may be the final scions that Erryes will ever experience.

Ancient manuscripts say they have been represented by various gods throughout time.

Patrin Basharak was the Scion of Bahamut

Lady Sratha posed as the Scion of Tiamat but was found to be the Scion of Zehir.

One was never found while the other was the essence of Io, the dead god of dragons himself, Balasar Zavari

The Final Four Scions of Midia

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