The Proclamation of Malakiy

This event occured on: 3rd Work 21:1208 (essentially 6/21/1208)

With a white flash and a booming voice that comes out of nowhere, your group hears, “Fear not, for I come on behalf of the ones who have created you.” Before you, appears an angel with flowing white hair and dark skin. White wings come from his back and his feet are nowhere to be seen as he floats in front of you. His arms are lifted high in and with a shout of exclamation, “My name is Malakiy and I am a messenger.” He looks at you all individually with a sense of determination in his face. The light he emits is so great at times that you must avert your eyes to the sight of his presence. You are able to readjust your eyes as he appears to flicker in and out of existence.

“The gods have sent me as the bearer of news. Your group has been seen as ones who are heavily affecting the world, especially in regards with the history of this world. Because of this, the gods wish you to know the truth of each of you and your fellow companions:

Malakiy does not look at anyone in particular as he makes each statement about someone in the group, as he does though, he lights up a certain color pertaining to each statement.

Red: Someone is the gatekeeper to the door for the gods

Orange: Someone is as old as when Erryes was created

Yellow: Someone holds dominion over an ancient and powerful kingdom

Blue: Someone secretly attempts to open the gate even more

Green: Someone will be given access to Jannat ‘Adn, the highest heaven where the gods reside, where no mortal has ever entered.

Black: Finally, someone is not who they say they are, this mole wishes to betray the party. Beware!

“The colors of truth will be shown to you when the time is right. And remember this last statement,” He turns around and the light becomes so bright that you are unable to see him anymore and only his voice remains. “If you continue on your path as you are now, do not be ashamed of your world’s history as you come to discover it.”

With that the thunder resides and you find all of you to be intact but with a sense that you all experienced the same thing.

Malakiy has now identified some of the colors: Kaori Shintaro is yellow, and holds dominion over the ancient and powerful kingdom of Lau Jahnen, through his merging with the Primal Spirit Quang Ziu.

Delad begins to glow red, and another prophecy has been given: “Let it be known, the elf has always been concerned of the portal. It is because he is the gatekeeper to the portal that his concerns are genuine.”

Orange was revealed to be Balasar as he is the remains of Io, the Great Dragon god, who is as old as Erryes itself.

It was also revealed that Ralph was the black mole of the group, who is actually Sehanine in disguise.

The heroes of the Portal also found that they are all both red and blue because they are the only ones capable of deciding if the gods should be sent back to their own world. In the end they chose Red.

Finally, green was revealed to be Thorin Lotus II as he wished to heal his love, Hulda by taking her back to the gods’ plane. There, they both lived in harmony with the gods.

The Proclamation of Malakiy

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